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"Dr. Dillard and her staff really care. I get the best attention to detail. They know what they are doing!"

Katy G.

"I Love Dr. Dillard and her staff. My family and I have been going to see them for over 10 years. You could not ask for a better group of caring individuals."

Treva Perry M.

"I will start off by saying I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST. My dentist that I've been going to for a long time retired and I have had trouble finding someone I like and can sit in the chair without freaking out. Well, I found them! Dr. Dillard and her staff are awesome! I've had my teeth cleaned a couple of times now and it was SO easy and just had some work done on my teeth and they look and feel great! Thanks to all at Dillard Dental Service for taking good care of me!"

April K.

"Dr. Dillard and her staff are friendly, thorough and very good at what they do. I highly recommend her practice to you."

Douglas S.

"Thanks for the great service."

Ross H.

"I absolutely love D. Dillard and her staff. I have never been a fan of going to the dentist. They always make me feel at such ease when I walk into the office. They are very thorough and answer any questions I have. She is not local for me but it is worth the hour drive for her and her wonderful staff."

Amanda P.

"Been a Patient for 4 years, decided to have some extensive work, crowns, and veneers. Dr. Dillard reviewed all the options available, cost, timeframe etc. to complete such. They were excellent to work around my business travel schedule. They addressed the concerns I had and completed the job in a professional manner. I only wish I had done all the work earlier !! They did everything I asked. I have a few other matters that I want to be addressed, will be seeing Dr. D for those dental issues also. They did a great job for me !! Thank you !!"

Kevin C.

"I just have to say over the years I've been to many dentist who have done some major bad work to my teeth. Leslie Dillard is the best and has got my mouth back in shape again. And she doesn't Gouge you financially like most dentist do. Quality people."

Nick P.

"I was recommended to Leslie Dillard after having some negative experiences with another dentist when I moved to Nashville. She saw me quickly as a new patient and multiple times thereafter to diligently find the cause of my pain. She took different approaches (correcting bite, reducing pain) until my broad pain was localized to one area. She was patient and helpful at every visit and did not rush in her referral of an endodontist for a possible root canal (which terrified me). I feel very fortunate to have found her. The whole staff is so accommodating and skilled (funny, too!). This is a great group of professionals that I trust to care for my whole family. They set the standard for patient care."

Melissa G.

"Awesome group of Ladies, who are very personable and do a great job making their patients feel comfortable. Very friendly staff. I always seem to leave with a good laugh, especially when I get to see that Terry, who has a smile that will brighten anyone's day. Fun group!"

Eric J.

"Dr. Dillard is very caring and sensitive and genuinely very nice! I'm a big coward but she has a way of making you feel safe. She is very good and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great dentist they can trust."

Linda L.

"I first began seeing Dr. Dillard when she was located in downtown Nashville and followed her to Bellevue when she relocated. Dr. Dillard and her entire staff are the hands down the best in the business! I wouldn't consider seeing anyone else!"


"Dr.Dillard is the best dentist ever!! She takes time to get to know her patients and makes sure they have their needs met. The staff at her office are also a pleasure to work with and make payments a breeze. I will continue to go to Dr.Dillards office. If you need a great dentist and great prices I highly suggest going here."

Rodney S.

"This is a dentist you will not regret going to. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely caring. Ms. Dillard is gentle and understanding and the best dentist ever! I couldn't wish for better!"

Brandon L.

"Finally, I had the fortune of finding a truly outstanding and amazing dentist. I'm a total coward when it comes to letting anyone work on my mouth but she totally put me at ease and I was blown away at how she was able to inject me with hardly any pain. She explains everything as shes working on you and was so caring in every way. All the staff and assistants are wonderful and good people. Wish I had found this dentist a long time ago. Office is clean and state of the art equipment. I guarantee you will look forward to each and every appt. and be happy you did!"

Linda L.

"Dr. Dillard and her staff are without question the best people I've ever dealt with for my dental needs, and I've seen a lot of dentists over my lifetime because I've had some serious dental issues. The staff are uniformly friendly, easy to deal with and extremely helpful under all circumstances. My highest praise goes to Dr. Dillard. She is highly competent, which was very reassuring because I have an intricate and complicated dental situation that had been either unsolved, or botched, by a number of dentists before her. She has worked with me for many months now to ensure that my dental problems were solved and that I was happy with the outcome. We're almost there! And I can say, without reservation, that I have never had such extremes of service, caring, and absolute dedication to ensuring the patient (me) is completely satisfied. I cannot speak highly enough of this dental practice or the people who staff it, particularly Dr. D. I rate it the full 5 stars. I'd rate it 10 if that were an option! Ronni."

Veronica M.

"I am always very anxious going to the dentist, but the staff at Dr. Dillard's office are all very gentle and make appointments painless."


"I always get great care at Dr. Dillard's office! Dr. Dillard and her staff are friendly. It's rare I have to wait past my appointment time to be seen and if I do it not more than 10 minutes. Dr. Dillard gives me the time I need to ask questions and have things explained to me."

Pamela N.

"I love the Dillard team,they always make me feel at ease.Thank you for you great service.Hud"

Ross H.

I could NEVER give the staff or Dr. Dillard enough KUDO's on how much I appreciate the dental service! They make you feel like loved family, and isn't that experience exactly what you want from any place? ...especially a dental office! Thank you Dr. Dillard and family! My teeth will NEVER go anywhere else! unless you refer me :)

Lisa H.

"Best, knowledgeable, professional, and still personable staff anywhere!Dr Dillard is an ace!"

Marcus A.

"Professional, skilled, efficient, personable--my description of the dental care I've received from Dr. Dillard and her staff. Visiting the dentist is actually a pleasant experience!"


"Dr Dillard and her staff do a wonderful job of caring for my teeth. They are very patient oriented."

Charles B.

"Dr. Dillard did a great job of explaining her concerns and then outlining a plan of action. I couldn't be more pleased."


"Dr. Dilllard knows what she's doing and has a great team of caring assistants. I'm 64, and have never had a better dentist in my life. If you're not already under her care, you should be!"

John R.

"I hate going to the dentist but this was so painless and realaxed their was no discomfort whatsoever. Definitely would recommend Dr Dillard . i told her she was the prettiest dentist i ever had and she said i should write that in my review as well :)"

Cliff S.

"Leslie saw me and waited for me when I was in terrible and will always be gratefully to her and a kind staff . I highly recommend her for your dental needs"

Bruce T.

"Had internal whitening on a tooth that was injured years ago. I was very nervous about the possible pain, and have a lot of dentist-anxiety in general, and she was so nice, spent a lot of time with me, explained everything (including drawing pictures), made me confident there would be no pain, and did not stop working on my tooth until it was perfect. Other dentists have recommended extra services but she felt there was an easier and more economical approach to try out - which I really appreciated since I don't have dental insurance & didn't want excessive work done. My tooth looks great, it was very affordable and it was pain-free (the best part)!! I'm grateful for her gentle personality, ease of work, and honestly the care and time she spent on me. Love her and staff! I followed Rebecca here from another office because she is so great! She remembers that my teeth are sensitive and takes extra time to prevent any pain along the gumline. As I said, I have anxiety, and she makes me completely calm (if not laughing and chatting) and confident in my cleaning, care and health of my teeth. I feel their offices are clean, they have individual tv's and give you the remote ... but really, I'm all about the care."



Ross H.

"Dr. Dillard & the entire Dillard team were phenomenal!!! I was totally impressed with the exceptional level of professionalism & care I received during my visit. Amazed with everyones ability to work together in complete harmony as one incredible team. Dr. Dillard & her staff are incredibly talented & knowledgeable. The environment they have created is very refreshing & I immediately felt comfortable & at ease. I also appreciated their time & courtesy to explain everything to me in detail. I have already scheduled my follow up as well as a new patient exam for my mom. I can only give my highest remarks & I would absolutely rec'md Dr. Dillard & her amazing team to all of my family & friends."

Stephanie B.

"Had a great visit everything was explained to me and financial information was quick and to the point. Very helpful staff."

Ted W.

"Dr. Dillard and her entire staff do their very best to provide superior dental care. You can be sure that they will treat you as if you were a member of their family. I have been to many dentists over the years and Dr. Dillard outshines them all!"

Douglas G.

"Dr Dillard & her staff show a real effort to listen, explore options and implement with 1st quality work. Recommend them 100%."

Vincent P.

"I have had nothing but positive results from Dr. Dillard and her staff. I have finally found a "dental home" the entire staff treat you like family. Thank you!!!"

Lisa H.

"Love the staff and had a pleasant and professional visit. My teeth have never been cleaned as well!!! They make scheduling easy and I love the text message reminders and emails. Thank you!!"

Tricia C.

"This is a new dentist office for me and my third trip. I haven't had any work done by the dentist yet but my hygienist is great. Very dedicated to getting me back to a healthy state and extremely nice. Everyone in the office has went out of their way to make me feel comfortable."

Terry L.

"Every time I have been to Dr. Dillard's office, everyone has been beyond friendly. I feel extremely comfortable being there and Dr. Dillard is easy to speak with and I don't feel like she's rushing out as soon as she's done with me. Very friendly and warm atmosphere and I have enjoyed being a patient. I would readily refer any person I know to go to her office and give her a shot. I don't know anyone who LIKES to go to the dentist, but I haven't really had any anxiety about it since beginning to see her."

Gwendolyn R.

"I have been a patient in many dental offices in my 6 decades. Dr. Dillard is by far the most skilled, professional, gentle and amicable dentist by whom I have had the pleasure of being treated. Her staff is equally qualified, compassionate and helpful."

Julie M.

"I needn�t have worried about finding a dental practice as pain-free and conscientious as the one I had before moving to Nashville because Dillard Dental Services is not just as good, it�s better. My first visit was fantastic. The hygienist was professional and well organized allowing her to work very efficiently. Plus, she patiently answered all my questions. The entire office suite is well-appointed and has a relaxed, welcoming ambiance. It is spotless with up-to-date diagnostic instruments and equipment. It even has televisions you can watch while having work done."

Susan L.

"A very caring professional dental office. I am pleased to say that I do not need an implant and my tooth is being caped. Thank you Dr. Asseff"

Matthew H.

"I became a patient of Dr.Dillard back in 2007. I am more then pleased with the staff and work thats they do! I recommend everybody give them a shot.....I promise you won't be disappointed!"

Carson M.

"I have a LONG record of extensive, painful dental work beginning about 56 years ago in my childhood and progressing through many years and many dentists. I always arrived at the appointment with fear/panic attack. Not so at Dr. Dillard's office. Not only does she do amazing work aesthetically (also financially reasonable while not suggesting procedures you do NOT need) and painfully, but the staff has these standards as well. They are all friendly , extremely competent and compassionate. I recommend this practice 100%."

Michael K.

"Wonderful staff. Great dentist. Very friendly and efficient. Love the text reminders about appointments. They even e-mail a birthday card to you.... wonderful place for kids and adults�"

Sherry B.

"I've found Dr. Dillard and her staff to be competent, thorough and attractive. I've always felt at ease, appreciated and in professional hands. I've been a patient for three years and am so happy that I've been introduced to Dr Leslie Dillard."

Katy D.

"Love this office and its staff!"

Dietra H.

"Every time I got the staff is great. So friendly!! I highly recommend this dentist office!!!"

Rachel H.

"Dr. was a through Dentist that handled the procedures needed very efficient, and with no Novocaine, or n oxide."

Dylan H.

"I think Dr. Dillard has a great staff but most important I have a really busy schedule and it seems like every time I'm in there my appointment is their main concern and they keep it on schedule not wasting my time sitting around in the lobby all afternoon like some offices HUd Hudson"

William I.

"Best fitting crowns, friendly and efficient staff."

Dennis M.

"Dr. Leslie Dillard and staff are really the best in Nashville that I have experienced. Very friendly, helpful and excellent results. See for yourself and tell your friends!"

Kaye P.